A brand is a constellation of experiences perceived in the heart and mind of the customer. Every time a customer engages with your company, these experiences grow. At IGT our brand is a promise we make to our customers — a promise we strive to fulfill at every point of customer interaction.


As visionary entrepreneurs, we blend imagination, pragmatism and determination to continually create new solutions, technologies and content that lead the industry forward.


True to our roots, we are honest, real people who strive to deliver excellence in all we do. We are open and respectful in the way we interact with our customers and one another.


Our passion for gaming is paramount to our customers’ success and an essential part of who we are. Our conviction and pride inspires others to continually find progression for our industry.


We create new solutions in content and delivery platforms that will attract players and keep them loyal so that our customers can grow their businesses profitably and responsibly.

Customer First

We put the needs of our customers and their players first in shaping our products and determining how we run our business.

Vision for the Future

We combine a unique expertise in key markets across the world and a distinctive appreciation for the gaming business across its many segments to deliver insightful solutions for players and customers.

To give life to the expression of the IGT brand, we’ve created a series of rings that subtly nod to IGT’s diverse and combined history. These rings, infused with color, surround our products, and provide movement and flow within our communications.

Our Logo

Our logo is a symbol of our customer first philosophy. It represents our aspiration to serve our global customers 24 hours a day.

Looking Back

In 2015, as GTECH and IGT came together to create the world’s leading gaming company, the circle of our logo was duplicated. The concentric circles were used to convey the merging of ideas and the power of our winning combination.

Moving Forward

Now, as the gaming industry continues to change, the circles are evolving into rings representing IGT’s progression and innovation. The rings are meant to highlight our message. They act as a guide, leading the audience to our focus.

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